Eye examination

Examinations of left and right eyes will be performed by ophthalmologists.
A mydriatic agent (tropicamid, neosynephrin) will be instilled into both eyes, 3 drops per eye in 10 minutes intervals. Thereafter, a sufficient mydriasis should have been achieved. Both eye examinations can be performed within 15 minutes.

Slit lamp imaging

Eye exam

For the purpose of cataract grading, slit lamp images of both lenses will be taken. These images will be anonymised and stored digitally and will be sent to a central grading facility. Two trained ophthalmologists will conduct grading of cataracts on all images according to the LOCS III classification system.

Scheimpflug imaging

Eye examIn order to collect more detailed information the additional collection of Scheimpflug images will be performed. These images allow to record the density of lens opacities in a quantitative way and to detect very early stages of cataract.