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Contact the responsible person in charge of your country of origin.

Participate in Euraloc

As interventional cardiologist, you can contribute to the clarification of the dose-response relationship for radiation-induced lens opacities and the improvement of radiation protection and dose reduction!


EURALOC focuses on low dose radiation effects on the lens of the eye. Research on formation of lens opacities following radiation exposure has been an area of intense interest. Several issues regarding the relationship between radiation dose, lens opacities and cataract development remain unclear and there is an urgent need for high-quality epidemiological studies at low doses. EURALOC will combine epidemiological, ophthalmological and dosimetric research expertise to address effects of radiation on the lens of the eye and to determine the dose-response relationship at low doses.


Euraloc has been accepted within the first Open Research Call from the OPERRA project (Open Project for the European Radiation Research Area - OPERRA-2013 Grant agreement number 60498)